Sunday, 4 April 2010

New Doctor who sort of review (updated)

So this will be my first review though to be fair it will be more about the doctor than the episode. My review scores go From a have to see A* to an embarrising F for fucking bitch took my money... Right so here we go.


Being british and liking sci-fi Dr who has always been my crack. every saturday it was on usually between 6 or 7 Me and my family would sit together and watch it while eating our dinner on our laps (usually lasagna and garlic bread) and we would watch it eating food and happily enjoying the best of british sci-fi. Now i'll be honest I only watched from the christopher eccleston period and onwards but i've enjoyed each episode still today but i'll get to that...

The new doctor seems more quirky and funnier (the fish and custard bit was childish but none the less I still laughed) I just generally found him a nice change of pace from super serial David tennant who is still just as good in a different way. Matt smith's acting skills so far are pretty good but i'd like to see his character under peril to give an adequete review of the new doc.


It was a long day yesterday so I did a hack job but anyways he's the review i owe you.

The episode itself is based around the world being incenerated in 20 mins because a certain prisoner who is deadly creature has a escaped through a crack in the universe and the "wardens" i'll call them so I won't ruin too much for you. are looking for the threat but if they cannot by the time there death rays of DDDDOOOOOOOMMMMMMM warm they'll just incenerate the planet and all this happens while the doctor is getting use to himself, aquiring a new assistant and he doesn't have his Sonic screwdriver for a majority of the episode.

As usual the assistant is a bit weary at first but finds out how the "prisoner" is tied to her life (well not tied just loosely wrapped around lol) her acting though is quite good not brilliant but better than most, mainly rose taylor.

The plot itself is good but not bullet proof there were some small plot holes but thats to be expected with Dr who as I wouldn't have it any other way ^^

Doctor: Find out next week


(feel free to post comments on other things i should review)

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Hi just saying i'm new here but you should get to know me real soon when i start posting something and if there is anybody who will read it.